Domotex 2023: The Global Flooring Showcase

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Domotex 2023: The Global Flooring Showcase

Domotex 2023: The Global Flooring Showcase

Domotex is a worldwide series of international flooring trade fairs. These events bring together flooring specialists, manufacturers, and suppliers from many nations in order to promote their goods, exchange industry information, and forge profitable business relationships. In this post, we will examine Domotex 2023 events in Germany, Asia, Turkey, the United States, Dubai, and Europe, focusing on the event’s highlights, exhibitors, and goods.

domotex 2023
domotex 2023

Domotex Hannover

Event Highlights

Annually hosted in Hannover, Germany, Domotex Hannover is the premier event in the Domotex series. This event draws tens of thousands of attendees from across the globe, making it the ideal venue for companies to increase their reach and develop a worldwide footprint. Domotex Hannover 2023 will include seminars, workshops, and networking activities in addition to new product exhibits and live demos.

Exhibitors and Products

The flooring categories represented by the exhibitors at Domotex Hannover include carpets, textile floor coverings, resilient floor coverings, parquet, and laminate flooring. Visitors may anticipate seeing the newest trends, materials, and technology from both established and up-and-coming enterprises.

Domotex Asia / ChinaFloor (Shanghai)

Event Overview

In Shanghai, China, Domotex Asia / ChinaFloor is the biggest international flooring show in the Asia-Pacific area. The event showcases a variety of flooring items, including carpets & rugs, hardwood, laminate, and resilient flooring. In addition, it provides an extensive conference programme that addresses industry trends, market insights, and breakthrough technology. Domotex Asia / ChinaFloor is a vital event for professionals wishing to build their company in the continually expanding Asian market due to its wide offers.

domotex asia
domotex asia

Key Exhibitors and Products

Domotex Asia / ChinaFloor gathers a wide range of exhibitors, including industry-leading manufacturers, suppliers, and designers. Carpets, rugs, vinyl flooring, hardwood, and laminate flooring may be expected to be among the many options on display. In addition to new technology and sustainable solutions, the event caters to the market’s growing needs.

Domotex Turkey

Event Features

The important flooring trade event Domotex Turkey is hosted in Gaziantep, Turkey. This event provides a unique venue for foreign and domestic companies to engage with the Turkish market. Domotex Turkey provides a comprehensive exposition showing a broad range of flooring goods, in addition to seminars and workshops concentrating on the most recent industry advances.

Product Categories

At Domotex Turkey, the product categories include carpets, rugs, textile floor coverings, resilient flooring, parquet, and laminate flooring. The event provides a good chance for experts to investigate innovative products, materials, and technologies in the flooring business, which are suited for both residential and commercial applications.


Domotex USA (Atlanta)

Why Attend Domotex USA?

Annually hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, Domotex USA is the largest flooring trade event in the United States. This event is a great opportunity for professionals to network with industry experts, explore new products, and obtain vital insight into the most recent market trends. Domotex USA is a must-attend event for anybody in the flooring business as it features a comprehensive exhibition, insightful lectures, and networking opportunities.

Exhibition Sectors

The exposition at Domotex USA includes carpets, rugs, resilient flooring, hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring, among others. Visitors may also learn about the most recent advancements in flooring technology, installation techniques, and sustainable solutions, allowing them to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Domotex Dubai

Event Highlights

The dynamic flooring trade fair Domotex Dubai is hosted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event is positioned advantageously to serve the markets of the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Domotex Dubai provides a comprehensive exposition displaying a wide variety of flooring goods and solutions, in addition to seminars and workshops covering the most recent industry trends and issues.

Exhibitor Profile

Domotex Dubai features multinational manufacturers, suppliers, and designers in the flooring sector as exhibitors. The exhibition features a vast assortment of items, including carpets, rugs, resilient flooring, hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring. In addition to showcasing new flooring technology and materials, Domotex Dubai is a vital event for regional business expansion for professionals.

Domotex Europe

Domotex Germany

As indicated before, Domotex Hannover is the series’ flagship event and is hosted in Germany. This is the principal European Domotex show, drawing a worldwide audience of flooring experts, manufacturers, and suppliers wanting to grow their companies and keep abreast of the most recent industry advances.

Domotex Exhibition and Fair

In addition to the aforementioned trade exhibits, other smaller Domotex events and fairs are organised around Europe. These events cater to localised markets and provide area companies the chance to promote their goods and network with industry experts.


Domotex 2023 will be an exciting series of global flooring trade fairs presenting a plethora of chances for flooring industry experts. From the flagship event in Hannover to the regional events in Asia, Turkey, the United States, Dubai, and Europe, Domotex offers a platform for companies to present their products, understand the newest industry trends, and establish crucial relationships in the global flooring sector.


  1. What is Domotex?Domotex is a series of international flooring trade fairs hosted all over the world, bringing together experts, manufacturers, and suppliers from the flooring sector to present their goods, exchange expertise, and build business relationships.
  2. When and where is Domotex 2023?Domotex 2023 activities will be hosted in Germany (Hannover), China (Shanghai), Turkey (Gaziantep), the United States (Atlanta), the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and numerous European cities.
    1. What types of products are showcased at Domotex events?Domotex events provide an extensive array of flooring items, such as carpets, rugs, resilient flooring, hardwood, and laminate flooring, among others. The events also include cutting-edge technology, materials, and environmentally friendly solutions.
    2. Who should attend Domotex events?Domotex events are great for flooring professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and anyone else in the flooring sector seeking to develop their company, network with industry experts, and remain abreast of the most recent trends and technology.
    3. How can I participate in Domotex events?Visit the official Domotex website for information on registration, event schedules, and more in order to participate in Domotex events. Depending on the event, you may be required to register in advance as an exhibitor or participant.
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